2016 - 2018

The fusion between humans and technology

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Cyborgs, exoskeletons and brain-computer interfaces for racers – the fusion between humans and technology makes it necessary to redefine the human self-image. We can mount antennas on our heads, implant RFID chips in our limbs, boost our physical strength with exoskeletons, make our thoughts readable with brain-computer interfaces, switch realities in a split second, and expand our five senses with two or three technical ones. Terms like “teleoperation,” “holodeck” and “VR therapy” will soon find their way into our everyday vocabulary. Paraplegics will be able to pilot an airplane. We will program our dreams and argue about whether robots need to pay taxes. The photojournalistic series “HUMAN+” searches for the pioneers of this movement. What are their visions – and what will humans of the future be like?

The showed images are part of my final project at HS Hannover in 2017.